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Private Events

Host all of life’s events at The Hidden Abbey!

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Whether you are hosting a Bridal Shower or Birthday Party, The Hidden Abbey is here for you! We have you covered for a place to host any of life’s most important moments. For your larger parties, our Sanctuary is the perfect spot to include everyone in the festivities. For more intimate parties, use our Lower Level to gather family and friends for a more cozier vibe.


**Please be aware that we are currently only scheduling small events (5-hour rentals) on Sundays between 12 pm and 11 pm, with bookings available 3 months or more in advance (Months May – October Only). 

For Fridays and Saturdays, reservations are accepted 3 months or less prior to the desired date.


Availability for these rentals can be checked on our calendar, and if a date is already booked for a smaller event, early reservations may be possible before the 3-month mark. Additionally, Fridays preceding one-day Saturday weddings are open for booking before 3 months.**

Please call/text/email for Clarification.


Check out our Calendar to see if your date is available!

Rent our spaces

Our Sanctuary can host up to 120 guests and our Lower Level can host up to 80 guests, for a total of 200 for the entire venue. 


For our Saturday 5 Hour Rentals, we have two time slots to choose from for both of our spaces. You can choose between either 7 Hour Time Slot of 8 AM – 3 PM or 4 PM – 11 PM to place your 5 Hour Rental.  We leave an hour between time slots to clean and reset the space for the next party. 


With each rental, set up and tear down must be completed within the hours rented. ONE Additional hour can be purchased.


If you need the kitchen for your party, you must rent the Lower Level. It’s important to note that the kitchen facilities are exclusively part of the Lower Level rental. Granting access to renters from the Sanctuary to use the kitchen during Lower Level events would be unfair as it encroaches on the rights of Lower Level renters who have paid for exclusive use of the space, including the kitchen amenities. (Anyone that has rented the kitchen prior to this rule, is still granted access).

The Hidden Abbey's Sanctuary level set with round tables with white tablecloths and light blue napkins.


Rent either space, The Sanctuary or Lower Level, for $300 for a 5 hour minimum. Rental includes use of tables, chairs, and bathrooms for that specific level.


Rent both levels for $600 for a 5 hour minimum. Rental includes use of tables, chairs, kitchen, and all bathrooms.


Rent either space for 14 Hours (9 AM – 11 PM). Rental includes use of tables, chairs, and bathroom for that specific level. 


Additional Hour for Friday, Saturday, Sunday Rentals – Max of 1 additional hour only


Monday – Thursday Rentals are $75 per hour for either space. 

Whatever the occasion, we have you covered!

  • Bridal Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Class Reunions
  • Anniversaries
  • Catered Dinners
  • Fundraisers
  • DIY Classes