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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is your booking process?

Our booking process at The Hidden Abbey is designed to be seamless and convenient, conducted entirely electronically for your ease.

To begin your rental, we'll need some basic information such as your name, email, and type of event.


Once both you and The Hidden Abbey have signed the contract, an invoice will be promptly generated and sent to you. Upon receipt of your first payment, typically 50% for 5-hour rentals or as per the agreed-upon payment schedule for weddings, you will gain access to our comprehensive Venue Guide and Decor Closet Catalog (these items will be explained below). 

2. Do I have to pay a deposit?

At The Hidden Abbey, we don't require a traditional deposit; instead, we use retainer fees to secure your event date.

For our 5-hour rentals, a 50% of the payment is our retainer fee and is due upon booking. This amount is nonrefundable. The remaining balance is then due 30 days before our event.


For weddings, we offer a payment schedule with four equal installments. The first payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, followed by payments at 9 months, 6 months, and 2 months prior to the wedding date. This approach helps you plan and manage your payments smoothly throughout the wedding planning process.


**For weddings booked less than a year out, the payment schedule will be adjusted accordingly, possibly requiring 2-3 equal payments based on the proximity of the booking date to the event.

3. Do I have to know my add-ons before I sign the contract?

Rest assured, any add-ons or additional services can be selected at a later date; there's no need to finalize these details before signing the contract. We aim to offer flexibility to cater to your evolving event needs.


Additionally, add-ons such as linens, decor, overnight suites, and additional hours can be arranged and added at a later date to tailor your event to your preferences. We actually prefer that rentals for decor and linen rentals be finalized and added to your event plan a week or two before your scheduled event to ensure a smooth and organized setup.

4. Do I have to pay for damage/excessive cleaning?

Yes, there is an "Incidental/Damage and Excessive Cleaning Fee" at The Hidden Abbey Event Center. For our Five (5) Hour Rentals, there is a fee of one hundred dollars ($100) due fifteen (15) days before the event. This fee can be paid in cash or check and covers potential incidental damages or excessive cleaning needs post-event. Upon the conclusion of your event and a final walkthrough with our staff, this fee will be returned if no damages or excessive cleaning is identified. For weddings, the incidental/damage and excessive cleaning fee is two hundred fifty dollars ($250)..

5. What happens if I have to cancel my event?

If you need to cancel your event:

  • If it's more than 30 days before the event and the cancellation is not due to a natural disaster or death in your family, payments made are non-refundable. If you have not paid the remaining balance, it is does not need to be paid. However, if you have paid in full at the start of your rental, then 50% of your payment will be refunded. 
  • If a natural disaster or death occurs more than 30 days before the event, certain fees may be refunded, but fees due under the Fee Schedule are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations made 30 days or less before the event are non-refundable. Please note that any outstanding payments to vendors remain your responsibility, and their cancellation policies will apply.

Once payments are made by their due dates, they are considered non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. This policy is in place because we reserve your date and allocate resources and time to accommodate your event after receiving payments by their specified dates.


If you're planning a larger event, we recommend considering cancellation insurance. This can provide coverage in case unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your event. If unforeseen circumstances force the cancellation of your event/wedding, this insurance can reimburse you for the non-recoverable expenses, such as vendor deposits

6. Are there any hidden fees?

At The Hidden Abbey, transparency is key. We take pride in our straightforward pricing and services, ensuring there are no hidden fees. You can trust that what you see is what you get, allowing you to plan your event with confidence and peace of mind.

7. What is the capacity for the building?

Client's guest number may not exceed the allowed number of people in the facility at any time during the event unless prior authorization is given. The Sanctuary: 120 Guests Lower Level: 80 Guests Total Seated Guests Allowed: 200 Weddings: Max 180 (This allows for Dance Floor).

8. What is included with my rental?

With a 5 Hour Rental, the space, tables, chairs, bar, bathroom (of that level), TV(s), and use of speakers.

  • Intimate Wedding Package includes the amenities stated above for one space and bridal dressing rooms.
  • Reception, Classic, & Elite Wedding Packages all include use of both levels, tables, chairs, and use of dressing rooms. With each upgraded package, more amenities are given and are listed on our website under each package.

9. What time can I get into the venue?

For weddings, access to the venue varies based on the package you choose. Our Intimate, Reception, or Classic packages grant access from 9 AM on your event day. Elite Package holders enjoy extended access starting at 10 AM on Friday, 9 AM on Saturday, and 8 AM on Sunday for comprehensive preparations and teardown.


For 5-hour rentals, your agreed-upon access time is specified in your contract.

10. Does my time include setup and tear down?

With a 5 Hour Rental, that time is used for setup, the event, and tear down. If you if you feel you need more time, it can always be added for $125 for the for a max of 6 Hours.


Same with weddings, set up and tear down need to be completed within the allotted hours of the rental.

11. How do I let you know how I want my tables and chairs set up?

For our 5-hour rentals, we facilitate a seamless setup process through our "Let's Make a Plan" form, which we send to you 14 days before your event. This comprehensive form allows you to specify your preferred table and chair layout, select additional tables, and indicate any linen or decor rentals needed. By gathering this information in advance, we ensure that your space at The Hidden Abbey is meticulously arranged according to your preferences, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable event for you and your guests.


For weddings, we invite couples to join us for a personalized walk-through approximately a month before their wedding day. During this visit, we collaborate closely to set up the venue precisely as you've envisioned, creating a magical backdrop for your special celebration.

12. Does the venue supply alcohol?

At The Hidden Abbey, we provide the venue space and select amenities mentioned earlier, but it's your responsibility to arrange for beverages and alcohol for your event.

Please note that The Hidden Abbey does not hold a liquor license, which is why we cannot supply alcohol. However, as you're hosting a private event at our venue, you're permitted to bring your own alcohol for your guests.


For weddings serving alcohol (maximum of 5 hours of service), it is mandatory to have a certified and insured bartender on-site to serve alcohol. 


For 5 hour events, we do not require a certified and insured bartender as most events are 3 hours or less. 


To assist you in finding suitable bartenders, we offer a Preferred Vendors list with certified and insured professionals. While you're not obligated to choose from our list, we require all bartenders to submit their certifications and insurance documents to us at least 30 days before the event.

We prioritize the safety of our clients and their guests, and this policy helps us ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone attending.

13. How will I know what is available to me with my rental?

When you choose The Hidden Abbey as your event venue, you gain access to our comprehensive Venue Guide, a valuable resource that answers all your queries about our facilities and services. This guide covers everything from linen rentals to our Preferred Vendors list, providing detailed insights into layout options and other essential details.


Additionally, if you're interested in personalizing your event with unique decor, we'll send you our Decor Closet catalog. This catalog showcases each decor item along with pricing, quantities available, and sizes, making it easier for you to plan and create the perfect ambiance for your occasion.

14. Do I have to use the vendors off the Preferred Vendor List?

While we provide a curated list of vendors for your convenience, please know that using them is entirely optional. Our goal is to ease the planning process, but we fully support your choice in selecting the vendors that best fit your vision.